Friday, November 25, 2005

During Meditation

The Song

There is a song from within the shadows,
with lyrics I can barely understand.
The melody seems to shift syncopation
and follow rules unknown to cord or scale.

Yet my blood quickens at the lilting tune
and I stand close by to hear the words.
My desperate mission of earlier hurry
is but a spirit, lost in whirling dance.

Colorful reflections play upon the wall
and a scent of heady incense fills the air.
A soft, caressing breeze comes from nowhere
and extracts a smile from my aching heart.

I look around but find I am quite alone
and doubt again my sanity under stress.
Yet, I believe that I am wide-awake
and that dreaming does not relieve my pain.

I close my eyes in wondrous, silent thought
and seek the source of blessed, vibrant song.
Then I sigh aloud and laugh in fond relief.
I know ‘tis You that simply called my name.



At 4:02 AM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

Wonderful faucon. You capture all the atmosphere of the rose chamber.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Lois said...

I read this " The Song"sometime after the 25/11/05 and as it happened I had just seen a rose bush,very old ,perhaps some 40 years or more in a house one up from my own home...
This house has been rented for over 15 years and just about all the beautiful plants & trees have died through lack of water and care by the people living there.
The rose is yellow ,all shades of yellow and the scent is wonderful,rare these days in newly bought roses.
I picked the full blooms and buds and brought them home to put in a vase,then I went back to cut as much of the live stems as I could and popped them in some good mixture with the hope of striking some of the cuttings...
This is a lonley rose once owned by the head gardener ,who worked for General Motors Holden (GMH)at their plant in Fishermens Bend Port Melb,a few kls from me. The office building was art deco in design having been built in the 1940's(Now classified as heritage) and the garden was full of standard roses ,green lawns and flower beds of annuals in season......
Mr Foster has been long gone and his home sold several times,each one worse than the other owner....
I will wait till perhaps june/july before I know if my rescue mission has been successfull ,but what I do notice is that the rose bush is now sprouting new growth despite very hot days on end and no water,perhaps because it wants to live and not be lonely.
I pass it every day as I walk Jessie Dog ,so I hope it does not feel lonely..
I think of my beloved Lemon Tree who has me or a visitor every day (Just about) so it will never be lonely .

Lois (Muse of the Sea)


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