Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Deeper, deeper, into the center,
uncluttered mind, single focus.
Calm, quiet and peaceful.

The rose, the rose, the rose.

I stand at a crossroads
and chose the one less traveled.
The centuries drop away
and once more I become transported.

The rose, the rose, the rose.

Deep within my meditation I observe the moving centuries and the many lives I have lived on this plane. I see my Iona counterpart and her journey through Europe towards Alexanderia, I see her accepted into the inner circle and her hours searching the knowledge of the world for her pasts. And now, here, in this century, in the center of the rose, I am taken back to my beginnings.
I see the tents in a sandy strip on the most easterly part of Mesopotamia. I can see myself, draped in white linen, one shoulder exposed, and a golden rope belt holding the wrap together in the front. I seem to be standing in expectation, viewing the Tigris river on the East and the Euphrates on my west. Do I of another time somehow know that Jane of this life and time will return before she once more returns to another realm. If we can think it perhaps it is possible?



At 3:02 AM, Blogger faucon of Sakin'el said...

Be it a touch of Current, a Rememory, Channeling ...
or, by engendering creation
by thy will, this will be ..
as you think it -- it is done,
and now we are invited too.



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