Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fun Divination

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dream Seed - Colourbox

After the Solstice...
Imagining, wondering, seeing
new things, waiting, planning,
knowing new things,
seeing, trying, testing new things.
A new dream,
a new vision,
a new understanding.
copyright Monika Roleff 2005.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Deeper, deeper, into the center,
uncluttered mind, single focus.
Calm, quiet and peaceful.

The rose, the rose, the rose.

I stand at a crossroads
and chose the one less traveled.
The centuries drop away
and once more I become transported.

The rose, the rose, the rose.

Deep within my meditation I observe the moving centuries and the many lives I have lived on this plane. I see my Iona counterpart and her journey through Europe towards Alexanderia, I see her accepted into the inner circle and her hours searching the knowledge of the world for her pasts. And now, here, in this century, in the center of the rose, I am taken back to my beginnings.
I see the tents in a sandy strip on the most easterly part of Mesopotamia. I can see myself, draped in white linen, one shoulder exposed, and a golden rope belt holding the wrap together in the front. I seem to be standing in expectation, viewing the Tigris river on the East and the Euphrates on my west. Do I of another time somehow know that Jane of this life and time will return before she once more returns to another realm. If we can think it perhaps it is possible?



We chanced to catch a bit of wonder on the radio yesterday -- a feature narrative about American cowboy singers in a trek with Mongolian nomads. It was filled with humor and pathos based on the wakening of the cowboys to worlds unimagined. There are no fences there; either on the rolling foothills of the Himalayas, or the hearts and souls of those following paths and traditions more than 8,000 years old. Most inspiring is how these nomads LIVE music with a spiritual intensity. Certainly, they have performers for the evening fire, and indigenous instruments, and plaintive songs of lost loves and future dreams. Yet there is more! Children sing to the horses at daybreak to calm them and tell them of the tasks and dangers ahead. A woman milking a yak 'sings the milk down', soothing the shaggy cow and acknowledging "eke^otukan" -- Mother Earth; not in praise or prayer, but as one might chat with a favorite aunt.

I was taken within what I have learned of Mongolian Shamanism, early Turkic cultures, the Alan and more; and pondered why many in our Western culture see so many things spiritual as "either-or." The problem, for me, is that many confuse religious practice with spiritual enlightenment. Indeed, for some, an immersion in ritual, dogma and tradition is essential to their spiritual growth, and there is no doubt about the heightened spiritual energy present in any gathering of earnest congregation. For others, a more solitary course is pursued; with reading, meditation, discussion groups and mystical experience. A few take a "don't tell, don't ask" approach to such things -- and that is OK too. What doesn't make sense is why people called to shift their base of 'religious practice' seem to "throw out the baby with the bath water!" Christians, for example, when changing to say, a more 'earth based' alliance of beliefs, often turn and disavow all of their early conceptions and understandings. Why? Your personal 'understanding' of Deity, your chosen method of prayer and value base for human interaction need not be the same at all. While many might argue that having all three packaged in a pretty box is desirable, it can also be viewed that such dogmatic structures are a denial of personal responsibility and even faith. Of this we can learn much from our Mongolian brothers and sister for they have no discordance in these areas.

Their knowledge of a spiritual link with 'Source' is infinite, inherent and obvious. In their language a question of, "Do you believe in God?" would be semantically equivalent to asking, "Do you know where your elbow is?" Thus, they spend no time pondering or debating the shape, sex, proclivities or foibles of God! They have no need to reshape deity into their own image and to offer sacrifice or supplication. Their faith is absolute. No feeble attempts by man to change God's nature is going to have any effect, so why try?

They also acknowledge the absolute finite limits of 'human life', both in physical realms we can easily perceive, and some 'other kingdoms' or which we know little. They recognize their bond with Mother Earth (that's where the term originated) and their obligations to the existence of all perceived things. They have an elaborate system of explaining 'unknown' things of which Shamanism is a part; which has been defined as a 'religion' by Western scholars, and is the basis of the religious perceptions of many myths and modern religious practices. They believe, for example, in seven different 'souls', each playing a different role in the dispersion of 'spirit' after death. However, none of this has a bearing on their 'belief in God' which is completely separate. Our bodies and minds belong to 'Mother Earth', our spirit is 'of God', and the 'soul' is the seat of balance between the two. This 'soul' is not eternal, but may linger on for an extended period after death because of the love energy it possessed, but again, has nothing to do with where your 'spirit essence' goes. They also 'know' that what one does here during 'life', especially treatment of other persons, animals and Earth itself will have an influence on what happens to your various souls later on. This is a natural cycling of the Earth processes -- both the body and soul will decay and provide nutrients for new life -- as it should be -- but not 'religious' at all.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Rose Spirit

I am swimming in a pool of rose otto
Intoxicated by the aroma
Body soothed and free
The walls around me
Delight my eyes
Fresh pink and cream
Colour divine
Emotions of such ecstasy
Sheer bliss
The Rose Spirit whispers
"You have a glimpse
Of your soul"

Rose by Heather Blakey

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Inside the rose le Enchanteur meets 'Rose'

During Meditation

The Song

There is a song from within the shadows,
with lyrics I can barely understand.
The melody seems to shift syncopation
and follow rules unknown to cord or scale.

Yet my blood quickens at the lilting tune
and I stand close by to hear the words.
My desperate mission of earlier hurry
is but a spirit, lost in whirling dance.

Colorful reflections play upon the wall
and a scent of heady incense fills the air.
A soft, caressing breeze comes from nowhere
and extracts a smile from my aching heart.

I look around but find I am quite alone
and doubt again my sanity under stress.
Yet, I believe that I am wide-awake
and that dreaming does not relieve my pain.

I close my eyes in wondrous, silent thought
and seek the source of blessed, vibrant song.
Then I sigh aloud and laugh in fond relief.
I know ‘tis You that simply called my name.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Rose Meditation

Rose Meditation by Heather Blakey

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Before commencing this meditation you might like to fill your space with the gentle perfume of Rose Oil.

“Take a deep breath and as you let it out imagine all the difficulties of the day going with it, now take the attention to the feet---" (work up the body relaxing—especially the back shoulders and neck)

“ Now focus on the breath---going in and out—gently and naturedly—imagine a swing door which moves slowly with the breath in and out—"(allow to continue for some moments)

Imagine that you are standing on the edge of the inner petals of this beautiful rose. The perfume of the rose surrounds you. Your senses are overwhelmed by the color

Beneath you is a deep cavern spiralling to the very centre of the rose. Droplets of water form pools nearby. Carefully you make your way into the interior of the rose. The light glows. Look around. Use all your senses to draw in details of your environment.

As you explore you hear footsteps coming. Someone is humming a song

the rose is a rose
is a rose is a rose
And a rose of a rose
of a rose
is a rose from a rose
from a rose
And a rose
in a rose in a rose
is a rose inside a rose
inside a rose
If a rose to a rose
to a rose
is any rose to any rose
is any rose.

The full meditation, by Heather Blakey, can be viewed on the 2005 Advent Calendar

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Silky Oak Tree Spirit

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We have set up the divination tent beside the Silky Oak and visitors can go inside the Oak, with the Silky Oak Spirit and have a mystery unravelled. Any takers?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Shedding Moon

Tonight is the full moon. It is called the Blood Moon and the Shedding Moon, among many others too. My primary focus will be to let go. I visualize myself unburdened by things or obligations. I imagine myself running into the ocean to be cleansed in the warm sun. My back is straight, bringing only what I can carry. I release the rest.