Thursday, September 29, 2005

Divinations (1)

Divination is an art they say,
"of seeing future events or revealing occult knowledge,
by means of augury or alleged supernatural agency."


"An inspired guess or a presentiment;
to know by inspiration, intuition or reflection."

Somewhere between these two views
is a reality that may be useful and profound --
but neither can quite stand alone.

We all have experience with predictions
of the 'self-fulfilling' kind,
where the only mystery is who claims credit
afterwards …

and we should be more concerned
with changes in person and perceptions
that 'events' in any case …

occult knowledge is an oxymoron,
based as it is on inscrutable believing
instead of knowing …

and as such are shared only with initiates,
related predictions would not be revealed …

augury is for the birds, of course,
and historically but a political tool…

and 'alleged' destroys the entire structure,
for of what use is an 'alleged prediction'?

The final definition covers every possibility
and would leave nothing that is not divination;
while 'inspired guess' even assuages future guilt.

That 'presentiment' thought kind of touches me;
for surely a 'cast of mind' can make things come true,
if you work on yourself
instead of messing with others.

Seems to me that divination
has nothing to do with conundrums
the gods would fiddle with;
but could mean to 'divide'
a problem up into bitsy chunks
so that they can be swallowed.

Some of those will surely come true,
if even by accident …
or by forgetting the ones that didn't …
or with the wisdom gained in the dividing,
to move the goal posts a bit --
kinda like catching your own forward pass --
which is better than fumbling
like the rest of us,
or so I do predict.

Defining Magick (2)

Ain't Magick

Now I can't define magick any more than you,
And certainly do not like any told so far;
But I think we can settle on what isn't so,
'cause it is already known as something else.

First off, to make something happen by plan
Or even intent and meditated will
Is called 'resolution', and always was
And it doesn't get better by your sayin'.

A better mousetrap is just mechanics,
And even the internet is man's invention;
And any man's lack of understanding
Is not magick or epiphenomena.

Now it might be magick if you tear this page
In disgust or unwizardly fury,
And toss it out a window into the night
And forget the ripple effect three fold.

For the cat you scare will upset the wooing
Just commencing on the old porch swing,
And as a result of your interferin',
Beautiful Amy will not be conceived.

This event will not matter much to you
Until your son Phil marries that other gal,
And you all are stuck with that shrilling voice
And mean temper and 'specially lousy cookin'.

Defining Magick (1)

NOTE: for me, MAGIC is of the performing kind that I do rather well -- slight-of-hand,prestidigitation and such. So 'that other stuff',I call MAGICK, just not to confuse

Tried Magick

I tried to do magick through spells found in a dusty book,
but my glasses kept falling from my nose,
and the grammar was so terrible
I don't think I got it right. But …
you made some coffee anyway, like you always do.

I attempted to see wonders in a copper scrying bowl,
yet I only saw my gristled image
and laughed outright in comedy
and spilt the future certainty. But …
you sang a song at sunrise, though you were away.

I prayed in each ritual direction guided by the clock,
but sneezed some during the smudging rite
and stepped on the Priestess' trailing cloak,
and had to hide 'till after dark. But …
you still hugged me closely, as only you can do.

I got jelly on the Tarot cards and dropped the pendulum,
and stirred paint with this old twisted stick
and can hear Dorkus shrieking still,
and can't stand the third degree. But …
you said that you would marry me, such a special gift.

I think I'll give up on magick and take a walk instead,
where strangers wave at me in passing
and I can see moonlight on the lake,
and perhaps skip a rock or two. But …
you will come and laugh beside me, just because I do.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Many Faces of Sibyl Enchanteur

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You can run but you cannot hide from le Enchanteur when she is in full flight. Sibyl arrives in the camp to let everyone know that the Festival of Lights is going to happen. Mayhem erupts as everyone rushes off to get ready for the gathering.

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