Sunday, October 30, 2005

All Soul's Night

To mark All Soul's Night I took a ride with Baba, in her black swan, to the Isle of the Dead and met the Queen of the Serpents who guards the entrance to the underworld. I took a small vile of pure Castalian Water, collected at Delphi and we drank to creativity. The Serpent has blessed all travellers on the Soul Food Silk Way.

While Travellers celebrate Halloween and All Soul's Night le Enchanteur wanders deeper into the Serpent Queen's Cave, on the Isle of the Dead, to see her world. She is dazzled by the beauty of the Queen and her Treasury. The Queen has secrets to share.

The Serpent Queen gives le Enchanteur the greatest gift of all. She reunites her with her faithful Spirit Servant who will willingly do her bidding.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Heather Plants One of Le Enchanteur's Dream Seeds

For Jack, Bessie, Dick, Fanny and all those characters who courgeously climbed, ever upwards, to explore unchartered regions
Seeds planted by those with green fingers always thrive.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Who Am I?

Once again, Le Enchanteur calls. I wander off to the stables to find one of Fran's donkeys to take me deep into the Forest. I find Nellie who promises to be gentle with me as I am a little nervous. She takes me up to the mountains and around the windy road through the avenue of the giant eucalypts. It is so cool up here, the air is fresh and the scent of the gums intoxicating.

Soon we come to the turn off and we wend our way down, down to the Reflective Lake. I can see the lake through the trees, and ask Nellie to wait for me while I go to drink of these precious waters.

It is very dark down here. The lake is surrounded by huge Ginko trees stretching their branches out over the waters. I kneel by the lake and take a handful of water, splashing my face. It feels soothing. I sit staring into the deep, waiting for the ripples to gradually disappear, for the reflections to become clear again.

There is me, my gentle, kind hearted and loving face I show to the world. As I am watching, the face becomes that of a tiger - the tiger who growls and scratches when threatened. I feel deeply moved by this vision. Gently this vision changes and I see the Brolga dancing in the waters - I am struck by the grace, beauty and sensuality of the dance. I am entranced. Once more the vision changes and I see an eagle - the eagle who soars up high and has a bird's eye view of the world, a view that sometimes others don't see.

What a powerful experience! I stagger up to fiind Nellie patiently waiting to take me back home. I am soothed by the gentle clip-clopping of her hooves on the earth.

Dream Seeds and The Divination Tent - Mystery Solved

When L'Enchanteur devised the idea of the Divination Tent I knew I wanted to go there, but kept coming and going, not knowing what to do. It took the beautiful sketch of the fertility goddess to birth the Tree of Letters at the Hermitage, thereby setting off the thread of her divination. That is, I had to do the work to get the answer. I had no idea this would be birthed, a lost love letter from an animus, to his anima, separated in another time and space. The Tree had saved this message for me, and now it's where it was always meant to be, in my hands.... not in anyone else's. It's one thing to ask, another thing to meditate, and another to make it materialise. So just coming up to All Hallow's Eve, I have put some old ghosts to rest, finally.....

Dear Salamander (?),
Weeks, years, have passed since your mother found me wanting, and your father made me wait. I lower my fine hat brim as I write, against the Italian sun. The light blooms on the stone ruins of old, and I feel the warmth as I sit and write to you from far away. Ruins all around me of a Golden Age, I can only find respite in my pen. You would be resolute and angry in the English Countryside, dreaming of poets and colours. They didn't wait to let you come and see me, so I could only leave, knowing I was leaving part of myself behind.

Two years on the ring I sought to please you with lies untainted in my breast pocket, a shining example of love. The world has no choice but to leave love at it's last, and might I have any recourse to believe otherwise, none has come to me.

No letter from your fine pen has reached me in the Italian sunshine, no other has caught my eye. Letters fly from me to you, only to return to me in tatters. I will write until you notice that love does not die. It is only the suspicion of it that lives, back in the place where you were born.

I cannot believe you have not read any of my lines, my poems to you, -- I am dreaded to think these may have been intercepted by hands older than your own. Did you ever see them? Were they only drifts on the wind? White shades against the blue?

Write, as I may wait for you, in the Italian sun, stone warmed by light.

yours in the truest confidence,
Columbine (?) 1670 Italy.

I sat in silence, and wonder, at the tree that had saved this missive, in spite of older hands, so long ago. How was it that it came back to me at last? Green circles, perhaps?
copyright Monika Roleff 2005.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dream Seeds

The 'Fertility Goddess' or 'Mother Goddess' is a more complex image than most people think. She is not only the Mother Goddess who commands fertility, or the Lady of the Beasts who governs animals and all wild nature, or the frightening Mother Terrible but a composite image with traits accumulated from both the pre-agricultural and agricultural eras - Maria Gimbutus

In the Northern Hemisphere there were traditionally fertility ceremonies during the latter part of October. To mark this period le Enchanteur is offering dream seeds for travellers to plant, nurture and use to identify their creative dreams.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Shimmering Gaze

The Full moon is still in the sky when I wake. I take my time bathing
and wear a simple dress of pale blue cotton and my summer cloak.

The Enchantress takes a small group of us on a hidden path. We wait
in a shadowy grove. One by one we disappear into the trees.

Quietly, the Enchantress nods to me it’s my turn. I set onto the
footpath and turn into a clearing.

The lake is peaceful and wide. The water reflects the coming day.
Cranes in the reeds search for food.

I breathe in the cool morning air. Mist collects and drifts across
the water. I smile contentedly and remember why I am here.

I settle myself near the edge gazing into the water,
my reflection still.

As I suspected, just boring old me. A shimmer slowly cuts the water
like a shiver.

A bear appears. I know this bear.
It is me,
when I was afraid living in Los Angeles.
It’s like an old friend, I had forgotten.

In mid thought the water ripples again.

A distant echo…A whisper


A dark silhouette with horns, looms into view.
A samurai in gleaming woven armor.
My samurai ancestor.

But it is me just me.

Be brave. Go forward without regret.

My ancestor looks at me from the reflection.
I see his blazing eyes.

The image softens and it is my eyes. I nod to myself
and my ancestors that are beginning to haunt me.

They are really trying to impart me with their knowledge.
They think if they keep repeating the words
I will hear them better.

I do hear them.

They give me vision beyond myself
my reflection smiles.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pied Piper Archetype

When le Enchanteur is in Pied Piper mode there is electricity in the air and Pegasus cannot resist coming to take someone with her, on the wings of imagination. Le Enchanteur is playing a tune that the hardiest of travellers will find hard to resist. Follow her and go for a night ride, beyond that Harvest Moon, with Pegasus. Pegasus will take you anywhere in the world. He is yours for the night.

Heather Gazes into the Waters

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Enchanteur Kneels Before the Reflective Lake Mirror

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Doin' Magick

It is easy to demonstrate that much of the
arts and fumblings often called 'divination'
has nothing to do with magick. Yet, when
"two or more" gather for any fine communication,
and shared trust to solve a problem or seek
answers to eternal verities, there is a sense
that the whole exceeds the sum of the parts.

For me this quality is best enhanced by doing
everything possible by known and predictable
means first -- by way of preparation and focus.
Any selected method of 'revealing' is secondary
to the willingness of the petitioner to accept
and follow through with suggested options.

If you believe it cards -- I'll use those.
Tossed bones --why sure!
Got any tea leaves or special ashes?
Are runes your thing or drifting birds?
Let's get it on!

The answers are all inside of you anyway.

but then ...

Doin' Magick

I know that you dream of doing magick,
leastwise more than you do now just by living.
That's OK, I recon, if it comes from heart,
and not from greed or manipulation.
There is certainly magick all around,
For feeling and knowing and just in being,
But I'm not so sure about the doin' part
Despite the claims and practiced arts and all.

Just imagine that no one does this magick,
Not by will or intent or spell or prayer;
And that you wouldn't want to if you could,
Cause once you did then it wouldn't be anymore.
If magick is what can't be explained
Or produced by natural science and engineering,
Then to actually do it would reduce
Magick to the done and was and everything.

I will accept that there is discordance
Between what I need and what I only know,
But should I waste invention and creative juice
On what can be done just once by magick,
Or apply my skills and gifts and givens
And save that miracle for something profound,
Like world peace or birthing stars or -- you,
But then I don't need anything at all but love?

Friday, October 14, 2005

A Divination Tool

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The waters of the lake near the Amazon Queen's palace have the power to reveal one's true identity. The Amazonian goes to look in the reflective mirror each day and each day the Raven tells her that they are one. Le Enchanteur takes the receptive to the gazing lake near the Queen's Summer Palace. Gaze into the reflective waters and watch your true identity take shape and stake its claim upon you.